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Q: List of orange things/items ( Answered,   8 Comments )
Subject: List of orange things/items
Category: Reference, Education and News > General Reference
Asked by: baybei-ga
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Posted: 06 Oct 2002 21:43 PDT
Expires: 05 Nov 2002 20:43 PST
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I would like a list of things/items that are orange.  I would prefer
it to be items that are always orange, like oranges, tangerines,
pumpkins, carrots, etc.  As opposed to things that sometimes can be
orange like shovels, paper, cats, ets.

Request for Question Clarification by alienintelligence-ga on 06 Oct 2002 22:40 PDT
Hi baybei...

How many items would you like in the list?

Since color is subjective would you mind
picking your color-range for "orange" from
a chart like this:
[ ]

That will eliminate any yes it is, no it isn't

Just to point out... as per your own requirement
to list things that are always orange... you had
fruit for example, which... aren't always orange.
Oranges are green when growing sometimes becoming
yellow, orange color is one stage, then they get
pretty black. Same with most other fruits and
veggies, like Habaneros. So, transitional items 
are fine?

Can we list cheddar cheese which has white varieties?

Safety cones, safety signs, anything safety like
lifevests or flotation devices?

Do you want obscure items like the cap on Proventil 

Arm & Hammer boxes? Which are 'mostly orange' by
[ ]

What about things like flowers? Roses are not only
red, but a wide rainbow of colors including orange.
Mine are blooming right now =) There are also orange
sunflowers, poppies, pansies and begonias.

Would you mind refining your requirements?


Clarification of Question by baybei-ga on 07 Oct 2002 07:50 PDT
As many items as you can list is fine.  I don't have a set limit on
the items on the list.  Transitional items are fine as long as at some
point they are orange.  For the color range from the chart you
provided, PMS1485-Orange021 (there are four shade in that row). 
PMS151, PMS158, PMS1585 and PMS165 are all in the basic range I am
looking for.  Anything like cheddar cheese that can be yellow or
another color is fine as well.  I would prefer not to have safety type
things and things that are mostly orange listed.  Obscure items and
flowers are fine.  I hope this helps clear up what I was asking for a
Subject: Re: List of orange things/items
Answered By: easterangel-ga on 07 Oct 2002 12:30 PDT
Hi! Thanks for your interesting question.

The following things that are always orange are:

1. carrot
2. clown fish
3. goldfish
4. jack-o’ lanterns
5. monarch butterfly
6. orange fruit
7. orange juice
8. oriole – a black and orange bird
9. poppy – a flower
10. pumpkin
11. Viceroy – a brown and orange butterfly
12. Yam – a sweet vegetable that grows underground 

13. Home Depot Logo – unless they change it.
14. Tigers - scientific name: Panthera tigris tigris

15. Honduran Milk Snake 


16. autumn leaf
17. peach

Orange colored herbs:

18. Honeysuckle
19. Marjoram
20. Savory
21. Vervain
22. Snapdragon
23. Wandering Jew

Some orange stones:
24. Moss agate
25. Carnelian
26. Citrine 

27. ripe mangoes
28. cantaloupe
29. apricots

30. Prairie dog 

Search terms used: 
“orange colored things” animals plants vegetables fruit

I hope these links would help you in your research. Before rating this
answer, please ask for a clarification if you have a question or if
you would need further information.

Thanks for visiting us at Google Answers.


Clarification of Answer by easterangel-ga on 07 Oct 2002 15:22 PDT
In answer to the comment:

12. Yams (dioscorea sp.)


31. Cumquats (Fortunella margarita)
32. Sweet Potato--Ipomoea butatas

33. Mandarin/Jaffarin - Citrus reticulata

I hope this clears it up.
Subject: Re: List of orange things/items
From: bobthedispatcher-ga on 07 Oct 2002 05:49 PDT
is that only the"color" orange or
other "orange" characteristics, such as smell???
Subject: Re: List of orange things/items
From: baybei-ga on 07 Oct 2002 07:51 PDT
It is only the color orange.
Subject: Re: List of orange things/items
From: bobbie7-ga on 07 Oct 2002 10:55 PDT
Hi Baybei-ga,

Here is a list of items or things that are orange:

Orange juice
Orange Julius
Acorn squash
Fall leaves
Egg yolks
Cheddar cheese
Orange marmalade
Orange rust
Macaroni and cheese

A duck’s beak

Orange sherbet

Orange Hawkweed
Spotted Touch-Me-Not
Day lilies

Trumpet Honeysuckle 
Spotted Jewel-weed
Turk's Cap Lily 
Butterfly Milkweed
Scarlet Pimpernel 
Long-pod Poppy


Orange cup lily


Bell-orange pepper

Should you feel this information has assisted you greatly, I will be
happy to claim the fee.

Best Regards,
Subject: Re: List of orange things/items
From: voila-ga on 07 Oct 2002 13:22 PDT
Nehi orange soda
one of the circles on a MasterCard
Earthlink logo
Palmolive Antibacterial Dishwashing Soap
Dial soap
Motrin box
most plastic prescription bottles
rubber wrings in most glass kitchen canisters
candy corn and those orange wedge-looking candies w/the crystallize sugar on top
Durkee brand spice tins
Subject: Re: List of orange things/items
From: missy-ga on 07 Oct 2002 14:01 PDT
Candy corn and Brach's Butterscotch candies!
Subject: Re: List of orange things/items
From: voila-ga on 07 Oct 2002 14:01 PDT
eeek!  wrong "ring" ... pass the Motrin and send me to proofreader's
prison in an orange logo U-haul so I can be issued my orange penal

branded for life,
Subject: Re: List of orange things/items
From: microme-ga on 07 Oct 2002 14:13 PDT
Yams (Item 12 on easterangel-ga's list) are not always orange!

see link below:,11749,165790_13997,00.html
or search "yam sweet potato difference"

Subject: Re: List of orange things/items
From: ericynot-ga on 11 Oct 2002 11:51 PDT
Anybody interested in this question should look at this 10/11/02
Dallas Morning News item:

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