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Q: celebrity allergies ( Answered 4 out of 5 stars,   0 Comments )
Subject: celebrity allergies
Category: Miscellaneous
Asked by: vic4444-ga
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Posted: 10 Jul 2006 14:23 PDT
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I would like a list of living celebrities who have some known
connection to peanut allergies.  Perhaps they themselves have a peanut
allergy or have a relative, close friend or spouse who suffers from
this problem.  Documentation must accompany the answers.
Subject: Re: celebrity allergies
Answered By: bobbie7-ga on 10 Jul 2006 17:46 PDT
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Hello Vic 4444,

Below you will find a list of living celebrities who have peanut
allergies or are related to someone with a peanut allergy.


Joshua Jackson ? Actor (Dawson?s Creek, Pacey)

Biography for Joshua Jackson, under trivia

Source: IMDB


Serena Williams ? Tennis player

She is allergic to peanuts

Source: AcmeCelebs


Ray Romano 

"Everybody Loves Raymond" star Ray Romano, attending a paediatric AIDS
fund-raiser with wife and kiddies, was rushed to UCLA hospital after
nibbling a snack that contained a peanut substance! Ray, who's
violently allergic to peanuts, broke out in hives and suffered severe
breathing problems! Doctors released him shortly afterwards.?
Mirror Magazine, Sunday Times: 29th July 2001


Harry Perry III - Actor

?Allergic to peanuts and shrimps.?

Source: IMDB


Rob Mungle - Actor  ( )

Violently allergic to peanuts and peanut-based products.

Source: IMDB


LaDonna Antoine-Watkins - Athlete

?As the Canadian champion 200 and 400 meter sprinter, LaDonna
Antoine-Watkins trains hard, travels and competes a lot. At the 2000
Sydney Olympics, she came close to losing the chance to run when an
anaphylactic reaction to peanuts threw her off track. Thanks to the
support of her teammates and coach, LaDonna was still able to run her


Alex Kapranos  - Rocker

?FRANZ FERDINAND frontman ALEX KAPRANOS dodged death after eating a
dessert containing traces of peanut - which he has a fatal allergy to.

The Scottish rocker, 29, who is currently on tour in Russia, started
vomiting blood after eating baklava (hazelnut cakes) prepared for him
by a friend, who had not noticed the small print on the packaging
stating it may contain peanut traces.?

Contact Music:  22/05/2005


Kelis ?British hip hop singer

Kelis in allergy scare

?Hip hop star Kelis had to be rushed to hospital in Switzerland after taking ill.

It's believed she may have suffered an allergic reaction to nuts.
The hip hop star started choking at a restaurant in Zurich after she
apparently failed to tell the chef about her allergy, says The Sun.
A friend said: "Her face went red and puffy and she started
spluttering for air. It's dreadful to think what could have happened -
people can be killed by bad reactions to nuts."

Ananova: September 16, 2004


Celebrity TV Chef Giorgio Locatelli?s daughter Margherita

Celebrity TV Chef Giorgio Locatelli Tells the Heartrending Story of
His Daughter's Extraordinary Allergy ... to 680 Types of Food

?We have to send her to a private school because it was the only way
we can make sure she is not brought into contact with the wrong foods.
We pay Pounds 9,000 a year for her to go to a school which is a 100
per cent nut-free zone.?
?I usually offer to make the cake as a present, with no eggs or nuts.? 

Food Service: July 06, 2004


Robert Kennedy Jr.'s son Conor

?Robert Kennedy Jr.'s son Conor has been rushed to hospital emergency
rooms 31 times and has been hospitalized nine times because of food
allergies. He's six years old.

"We have to be hyper-vigilant," his mother, Mary, told the New York
Post last year. "We have to make sure he doesn't come into contact
even with someone who has eaten a peanut butter sandwich."

The Kennedys' son is one of an estimated seven million Americans who
suffer from food allergies. Avoiding contact with peanuts or other
foods is the only way to escape the uncomfortable--or in some cases
life-threatening--reactions they cause.?

Nutrition Action Healthletter,  April, 2001

?Last year Whelan wrote to Robert F. Kennedy, who is on the board of
the Food Allergy Initiative, the influential research and education
organization based in New York. She had learned on the Web that
Kennedy has a son with peanut allergy and decided to let him know
about Sabrina and how the family wanted to tell her story so that
people would appreciate the gravity of anaphylaxis. Kennedy seemed
moved, and asked the former director of FAI to contact Whelan..?

Source: Allergic Living


Katie Couric?s Nephew

From NBC News, Today Show TRANSCRIPT:

Phil Lempert discusses New FDA food labeling with KATIE COURIC,
co-host of the Today Show on July 25, 2001

?COURIC:  I was going to say, my nephew has a severe peanut allergy
and he can die when he has a teeny, teeny bit of peanuts, because he
goes into ana...
Mr. LEMPERT:  Anaphylactic shock.
COURIC:  ...anaphylactic shock, yeah.
Mr. LEMPERT:  But here's the problem:  That he could buy a product, a
candy bar for example...
COURIC:  Right.
Mr. LEMPERT:  ...which has natural flavors on it, and it would not be
identified as having peanut flavor.
COURIC:  But--so I've noticed some packaging recently, you can
say--many of the ingredients labels do say, `May contain trace
elements of peanut.'
Mr. LEMPERT:  Right.
COURIC:  Isn't that enough??

Food Safety Network: July 2001


Award winning chef Dominique Tougne?s son Theo

Affected personally by these alarming statistics is Bistro 110's
Executive Chef Dominique Tougne, who is renowned for his award winning
French bistro fare in downtown Chicago. Chef Tougne first became aware
of the danger of food allergies after discovering that his son, Theo,
at three years old, was allergic to peanuts.

ABC: June 20, 2006


Deanna Destito - Actress

Biography for Deanna Destito , under trivia

Source: IMDB


Tom Poti ? NHL Player

Friends Helping Friends: Make It Your Goal

?Profiles NHL hockey player Tom Poti, an accomplished archer and a
college student studying to become a pharmacist as they live with food
allergies. Learn about the challenges faced by food-allergic teens in
everyday situations like eating in school cafeterias, ordering in
restaurants and going to parties.?

?He ( Tom Poti ) is so allergic to peanuts that he was once sent to
the hospital in college because his teammates had eaten peanut butter
and he just touched a doorknob that one of them had touched.?

Tom Poti, hockey player (Oilers defenseman) 
Severe multiple food allergies (including nuts, fish, MSG)


Jill Soloway
Executive producer on HBO's Six Feet Under

An Interview with Jill Soloway

?Part of it was that my son is allergic to peanuts and the school is a
peanut free environment?

Source: Literary Mama


Sheila Rusnell-Newton ? author

Calgary author Sheila Rusnell-Newton researched and wrote ?The Peanut
Allergy Handbook? after her son Ethan suffered a potentially fatal
allergic reaction

Peanut Aware

Nuts or Treenuts

Alexandra Aitken - Actress

The lead actress, Alexandra Aitken, suffers from a severe nut allergy
so her co-star, Jo Price, was asked not to eat any nuts or chocolate
before the crucial kissing scene.

Clay Aiken
American Idol (second season) contestant and second place winner.
?Men's Health reports that former American Idol contender Clay Aiken
is allergic to coffee, chocolate, shellfish, tree nuts, mushrooms, and

From the Peanut Allergy Forum

The Peanut Allergy Forum mentions that 

-  Anne Mroczkowski  on City Line night news has a peanut allergy 

-  Heather Locklear's little girl - Ava has a peanut allergy.

I did not find another source of this information.

Another thread at the Peanut Allergy Forum mentions that 

- Barbara Bush once said on a talk show that she was allergic to peanuts

Swoosie Kurtz - ?I heard somewhere that Swoosie Kurtz is allergic to
peanuts. I think one of my friends saw her on a talk show a year or
two ago and she mentioned it.?

- Kevin Newman, ABC news host

I did not find another source of this information.


Search terms:

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"peanut allergy" OR  "allergic to peanuts"

"his OR her brother OR mother OR father OR friend OR son OR daughter
OR sister OR niece OR nephew OR best" "peanut allergy" OR  "allergic
to peanuts "

"Famous People" "Peanut Allergy" OR "peanut allergy" OR "allergic to peanuts"

Anaphylaxis  peanuts OR peanut celebrity OR actor OR actress

I hope the information provided is helpful!

Best regards,
vic4444-ga rated this answer:4 out of 5 stars

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