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Q: Find lowest Hearing Aid price for a, professionally chosen, brand and model. . . ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   0 Comments )
Subject: Find lowest Hearing Aid price for a, professionally chosen, brand and model. . .
Category: Health
Asked by: health777-ga
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Posted: 13 Jul 2006 11:08 PDT
Expires: 12 Aug 2006 11:08 PDT
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To get low medical prices, mentioned in, how do
you search for the lowest price available. You went to get expert
advice from your Audiologist, Otolaryngologist, or other hearing aid
professional and they tested you and determined that you should have
the ABC, model X Hearing Aid. You next need to find out where you can
get that identical Hearing Aid at the lowest cost. What are the web
sites or other locations, in the U.S. or world wide, where you can
find the lowest price for that specified Hearing Aid? Your hearing aid
professional may make good tests but have high hearing aid prices and
you do not want to waste your hard earned money!!!!

Request for Question Clarification by crabcakes-ga on 16 Jul 2006 12:54 PDT
I'm a little confused. You are seeking the best price for hearing
adis, be it online, or from a store, right? You do understand that
even if you purchase a hearing aid online, an audilogist or hearing
aid specialist will need to "tune it" for your particular needs. Also,
different problems reuire different types of hearing aids.

If you are in a different country visiting an audiologist, would you
be willing to wait there to receive an online aid, or would  you be
willing to let a specialist tune it for you in your home country?

I have assisted several senior citizens in obtaining good prices
online, but then had them tuned locally.

If you let me know in which country you live, I can possibly locate
the best price for that country, or if an online merchant ships to
your country.

Do you have insurance, and a particular brand of aid in mind?

Regards, Crabcakes
Subject: Re: Find lowest Hearing Aid price for a, professionally chosen, brand and model.
Answered By: crabcakes-ga on 16 Jul 2006 17:00 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hello Health777,

  It will depend on the prescription of course, and maintenance plans
that cover cleaning and maintenance, hidden costs (shipping, parts,

?Are all hearing aids the same?
Hearing aids differ in design, size, the amount of amplification, ease
of handling, volume control, and availability of special features. But
they do have similar components that include:
?	a microphone to pick up sound;
?	amplifier circuitry to make the sound louder;
?	a receiver (miniature loudspeaker) to deliver the amplified sound into the ear;
?	batteries to power the electronic parts.

Some hearing aids also have earmolds (earpieces) to direct the flow of
sound into the ear and enhance sound quality.
Based on your listening needs, type of hearing loss, and lifestyle,
your audiologist will advise you on which of the basic hearing aid
styles and features best meet your communication needs and their
related costs.? Please refer to the sites I have posted for complete
Hearing aids vary in price according to selected style, electronic
features, and related needs for professional consultation and
rehabilitation services. A rule of thumb is that hearing aid costs
increase with more complex and sophisticated circuitry and smaller

Purchase price, an important factor, should be only one consideration
in buying hearing aids. Product reliability can save repair costs as
well as the frustration of a malfunctioning hearing aid.

Cost of a particular type of battery used by the hearing aid and the
rate at which the battery needs to be replaced also influence the
overall cost of owning and maintaining a hearing aid. Batteries may
last from several days to several weeks depending on the power
requirements of the aid, the type of battery, and whether the aid is
used routinely with an assistive listening devices.
Each person's hearing loss presents unique characteristics. The
expertise of your audiologist about product quality and the monitoring
and follow-up services you will need are important considerations in
your purchase decision.?

Once you know the brand and model you will need, try Google?s Froogle
to help find a bargain. You can select from several search parameters.

Type in the brand and model of hearing aid in the search box.




Other Comparison sites

I randomly selected a Siemens Triano hearing aid, just to compare some
prices. (I have no reason as to why I chose this model except that I
liked the sound of the name!)

GenesisHearingLabs posts a price of  $1,295 for a Siemens Triano
1) First, you get your hearing tested locally (preferably an Ear, Nose
and Throat doctor).
2) Second, you mail or fax us a copy of your test results (including
your name and phone number).
3) Third, we call you when we receive your test results. At that time
we can give you a recommendation on which aid will work best for your
loss and your budget.

4) After you decide on the appropriate aid, we use your hearing test
information to program the aids for your exact loss. And now, even the
earmold is no problem because of the amazing new Comfort Earz
earmolds. ( ) Plus, many patients can wear the new
Open Ear aids which do not require an earmold.
5) The aids arrive at your home in two days, ready to wear and usher
you back into the real world of the sounds of life!

Hearing Planet charges $1,999 for the Siemens Triano
This includes:
?	Hearing Aid with full factory warranty
?	Local Professional Services and Fitting Fees which includes 
o	Hearing Test*
o	Hearing Aid Recommendation
o	Ear Impressions
o	Delivery & Programming
o	45 Day Supply of Batteries
o	Counseling
?	1 Full Year of Local Service 
o	Adjustments
o	Reprogramming
o	Cleanings
?	45 Day Home Trial Period
?	Payment Plans are Available

Lloyd Hearing Aids charges $1,650.00 for the Siemens Triano
It appears that this comes with nothing extra.

SaveOnHearingAids charges much more - $2,399.00 - $2,499.00 for the Triano

HearingAidsWholesale lists prices, but does not have the Triano.

This UK site does not post prices, but you may call or write. They
carry the Triano. (I have posted two currency converters for your
convenience near the end of the answer.)

So, you can see how difficult it is to compare without knowing exactly
the style and model needed.

Other hearing aid suppliers:

Miracle Ear

Digital Hearing Aids

Information on purchasing a hearing aid and where to complain if there
are problems:

Good advice on hearing aids

Good tips to know about hearing tests and hearing aids:

This answer, from another researcher may be of interest to you.

The Lion?s Club offers a really low priced hearing aid. It appears one
must be low income to qualify, and the type of aid is not mentioned.

Other resources in the US for assistance with hearing aids.

I would not recommend buying a hearing aid from online auction sites.
Disinfection is not guaranteed, and one does not know if the aid
actually works.

Currency Converters

I hope this has helped you out! If anything is unclear, please reuest
an Answer Clarification, and allow me to respond, before you rate.

Sincerely, Crabcakes

Search Terms
low cost hearing aids
discount hearing aids
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Request for Answer Clarification by health777-ga on 24 Jul 2006 07:03 PDT
Please assume that you are the hearing aid expert and you have written
a prescription (continuing with your choice of the Triano, but being
more specific) Put in the ?Siemens Triano SP B.T.E.? (This is the
Siemens Triano, Super Power, Behind the Ear, hearing aid, as you know)
Add any needed symbols, number, letters or clauses needed that will
allow you to use your prescription to search, at the specific web
sites which you recommended that could be searched for prices, and
lets see what you come up with, as well as the search results of your
search. At that point it can be determined if your idea works. The web
sites which you recommended to use for searching were: (I have also
added Ebay, as they have new and used hearing aids.)
 1. Froogle
2. Epinions 
3. PriceGrabber
4. BizRate
5. MySimon
6, Ebay
7. Other Comparison sites

Clarification of Answer by crabcakes-ga on 01 Aug 2006 19:00 PDT
Hello Health777,

  Thank you for the 5 stars and the generous tip!
health777-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $50.00
A helpful answer.

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