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Q: Searching for company in Australia ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   3 Comments )
Subject: Searching for company in Australia
Category: Business and Money > Small Businesses
Asked by: ajbrain-ga
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Posted: 25 Aug 2006 22:03 PDT
Expires: 24 Sep 2006 22:03 PDT
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I am looking for all the current and past information on this
australian company: BINADS & METERADS PTY LTD

Past or current information on:
 - Their services / activites
 - Information on customer or to customer
 - Web Site
 - contact names and telephone numbers
 - company's location and size

Also, I would like to know if it's related to this company in UK:

Thanks you
Subject: Re: Searching for company in Australia
Answered By: pafalafa-ga on 27 Aug 2006 12:18 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars

Tough question!

Binads & Meterads, from all appearances, was a small start-up company
in Australia with a novel concept that got a bit of attention a few
years ago.  But they seem to have disappeared from view in recent
years, and I cannot find any indication that they are still actively
in business.

The first place I looked was in the phone book, where it is hard to
find a current listing for the company (though several phone books
showed expired listings in their cached pages).  The one current
listing I came across is this:;jsessionid=F7A75915756FA9C56D0E9A8AC7F28B79?mapAction=-1&serviceAreaCount=-1&distanceBox=0&sort=default&isTasmaniaOnly=false&id=2.61463310697790&mapScale=-1.0&expand=true&geoCodedListingAvailable=false&refine=-1&location=PALM+BEACH%2C+NSW&printerFriendly=false&type=advanced&category=Lottery+Agency&mapCenterPointLatitude=0.0&distanceLimit=-1.0&of

Binads & Meterads Pty Ltd 
Address: 15 Cannes Dr
Avalon, NSW 2107  
Phone: (02) 9918 0607  
Fax: None Provided 
Toll Free: None Provided 
E-mail: None Provided  
Web Site: None Provided  
Additional Info: 
Category:  - Advertising Agency and Services
 Serviced Area:  None Provided  

I am not in a position to phone the company myself from the US, but
you may want to give the number a try to see if it is a working number
for Binads.

Though the company may not be an active concern in the advertising
business, it does have a current registration with the Australian

Australian Securities & Investments Commission
Index of corporate and business names

Extracted from ASIC's database at AEST 03:30:25 on 28/08/2006 

ACN 079 149 287 
ABN 66 079 149 287 
Type Australian Proprietary Company, Limited By Shares 
Registration Date 30/06/1997 
Next Review Date 30/06/2007 
Status Registered 
Locality of Registered Office Bondi Junction NSW 2022 
Jurisdiction Australian Securities & Investments Commission 
Former Name(s)

These are the documents that ASIC has most recently received from or
in relation to this organisation. Page numbers are shown if processing
is complete and the document is available for purchase.

21/06/2005 1E1045972 2 484B Change to Company Details Change of Registered Address 
 11/12/2003 0E9450324 3 484 Change to Company Details 
    484C Change of Principal Place of Business (Address) 
    484A Change of Officeholder/member Name or Address 
    484N Changes to (Members) Share Holdings 


The main items of interest in the above are:

--the company has been in existence since 1997, and has changed names
several times:  Zerobase, to Clive Wiseman Racing, to Binads and

--there is a listing at the site of commercial services, such as Dun
and Bradstreet, where you can directly purchase additional information
about the company, including lists of officers, changes of address
filings, and commercial credit reports.

Another source of government business information is the Australian
Business Register:
Australian Business Register

Entity names From To 
 BINADS & METERADS PTY LTD 10 Oct 2000 (current) 
 ZEROBASE PTY. LTD. 05 Jun 2000 04 Aug 2000 
 ZEROBASE PTY LTD 01 Mar 2000 05 Jun 2000 

which shows that the name Binads and Meterads was first registered in October 2000.

A Google search on the terms [ binads OR meterads OR "clive wiseman
racing" OR "zerobase pty" ] does not turn up any additional
information on Binads & Meterads, but does offer a bit of information
on the predecessor company, Clive Wiseman Racing:


The company was -- just as the name states -- involved in auto racing.

A few bits and pieces are shown below:
1999 Season
Shell Championship Series for V8Supercars
...50. Mick Donaher  Clive Wiseman Racing  Ultra Tune Holden Commodore VS 
...50. Dean Lindstrom  Clive Wiseman Racing  Ultra Tune Holden Commodore VS 
...Now I'm pretty sure Clive Wiseman Racing #50 was sponsored by TDK
in 1999..?? I know for sure they were in 2000...But in 1999 the #50
Clive Wiseman car was driven by Dean Lindstrom and Melinda Price, and
as far as I can tell Mecklem and Donaher didnt race together in the
1999 enduros..??
...PE032 VT 09/98. Debuted at Bathurst by Perkins who raced the car in 
the 99 ATCC and at the Queensland 500. Raced by Ingall at Indy, and 
remained unused until reactivated for Perkins for Oran Park round of the 00 
ATCC following the sale of PE036. Sold to Clive Wiseman Racing for 
Bathurst and raced by Michael Donaher and Tyler Mecklem in 01.

Clive Wiseman Racing was connected in some fashion to a company called
Ultra Tune, as can be seen through a variety of mostly non-functional
Clive Wiseman Racing The UltraTune Racing Car Web Site
Ultra Tune - Clive Wiseman Racing

The most revealing information came from a search of Australian
newspaper databases, which turned up a few mentions of the company
(always called 'Binads" in the press, rather than 'Binads &
Meterads').  All mentions of the company occurred during 2000 and
2001, and then abruptly disappear, suggesting the company ceased being
active in the Binads business at that point.

Here are some relevant excerpts from a few articles (I can't copy
complete articles, as they are copyrighted):

Councils look at billboard wheelie bins
Advertiser, The (Adelaide, Australia)
March 16, 2001

...WHEELIE bins will become the state's newest billboards under a plan
put to metropolitan councils....Sydney advertising firm Binads wants
to put advertising stickers on the bins and is discussing the idea
with the Adelaide City Council and the Tea Tree Gully Council. ...The
1m by 350mm advertisements, which cover the front and sides of the
bins, are used by seven New South Wales councils which stand to make
an estimated $700,000 annually by selling space on the bins.

...Binads founder and managing director Clive Wiseman said yesterday
that the scheme was not designed to bolster council coffers....Binads,
which Mr Wiseman said he created after receiving a high rates bill,
was focused on lowering rates for residents, not increasing council
revenue....Under Mr Wiseman's plan, the council earns a percentage of
the sale of advertising space on the bins. The space is offered to one
of Binads' 120 clients, which range from lawn-mowing services to
multinational corporations.

You have been told ... a million times - 
The Message 
Sydney Morning Herald, The (Australia)
February 22, 2001

...Australians are being exposed to an estimated 3,000 "brand impacts"
a day, ranging from radio advertisements and billboards to
brand-filled supermarkets and catalogues...That's more than 1 million
marketing messages per person per year, a figure which is sounding
alarm bells among marketing academics, advertising executives and
consumer groups...There also has been an explosion of "ambient media"
opportunities ranging from sky writing to advertising on garbage bins
so debate is swelling on the ubiquity of advertising, and just how
much is too much.

...Last week another new company called Binads launched plans to sell
advertising on Sydney's 2.5 million garbage bins at $4 a bin.

Ads are a wheelie good idea
Daily Telegraph (Sydney, Australia)
February 17, 2001

...ADVERTISING on wheelie bins could help councils cut rates, an
advertising company says....Sydney advertising company binads has
signed contracts with Fairfield and Rockdale councils to place sticker
advertisements on the sides of bins. They have already been stuck on
2000 wheelie bins in the Fairfield area...The bin ad campaign -- which
features ads from Wizard Home Loans -- has received almost no
opposition from local residents.

The deal will see councils receive a quarter of the total advertising
revenue...``That amounts to about $4 per bin per month,'' binads
managing director Clive Wiseman said yesterday...Mr Wiseman said
revenue received by councils from the advertisements would eventually
be returned to ratepayers through lower rates...Binads launched the
novel marketing notion with just two councils to ``get the logistics''
of the scheme in place before aiming at the rest of Australia.

...The idea has been presented to every metropolitan council in
Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Newcastle and Wollongong. The concept
will be presented to Adelaide councils later this month.

That's all the information I was able to find on Binads & Meterads in Australia.

You also asked about a similarly named website in the UK:

As you can see from the site itself, it is under construction, and
there's no meaningful information there about the company itself,
except for the fact that the illustration at the site makes it obvious
that the binads concept is precisely the same as that tried in

It's hard to say, though, whether the two entities have any connection.

A whois search for registration on the binads site in the UK turns up
only a bit of information:

Domain name: 

Gavin Hudson 

Registrant type: 
UK Individual 

Registered on: 09-Jul-2004 

So...there's no mention of Clive Wiseman here, nor is there any
indication that the site, registered in 2004, is making any forward

This has been a tough search, since the company was rather small to
begin with, and never quite seems to have fully launched its
advertising scheme beyond a few trial localities.

I trust this information fully answers your question.  However, please
don't rate this answer until you have everything you need.  If you
would like any additional information, just post a Request for
Clarification to let me know how I can assist you further, and I'm at
your service.

All the best,


Request for Answer Clarification by ajbrain-ga on 29 Aug 2006 20:46 PDT
Hi pafalafa,

I was looking for more information on Binads. I was able to get most
of the information you found but I found the Australian newspaper
databases interesting.

Can you give me the urls on theses databases?

Request for Answer Clarification by ajbrain-ga on 29 Aug 2006 21:12 PDT
Hi pafalafa,

I was looking for more information like this:

Do a search on BinAds in this document.

Thanks for your help.

Clarification of Answer by pafalafa-ga on 30 Aug 2006 04:19 PDT

OK...thanks for getting back to me.  It always helps to get an idea of
someone's baseline, in terms of the information they already have
available on the topic at hand.

I'm afraid there are no URL's for the newspaper articles I referenced,
as they come from a commercial database.  You can see articles from
the Sydney Morning Herald by searching here:

Just enter [ Binads ] in the search box, and you'll pull up snippets
of articles, which can be purchased online for the full content.

For the other newspaper articles, your best bet would be to check with
a local library, who might have access to Australian newspaper
databases, or could get the articles for you via interlibrary loan (I
can't post the full articles here, since they are copyright

As for town councils and such, here's some additional information on
Binads, mostly along the lines of the Bankstown City report -- search
within the documents for discussions of Binads:

[and a somewhat different version, despite the same title]

[This is the most detailed discussion of Binads that I came across in
the new materials]
2 OCTOBER 2001
Bin advertising no rubbish 
19 February 2001

[just a minor reference to Binads]
30TH MAY, 2001

[brief mention of Binads, but note the photo and reference to the CEO]

...Mr Carroll is a solicitor who has a background in property and
commercial law. He was in-house legal counsel for Lend Lease for ten
years. In the early to mid 1990's he negotiated many of Sydney and
Brisbane's largest lease, retail redevelopment and refurbishment deals
and authored Australia's first short form Plain English Retail Lease.
In 1997 he was appointed Lend Lease's General Counsel for Asia, based
in Singapore. He later returned to Sydney and joined Medallist, a
joint venture between Macquarie Bank and Greg Norman, to create
residential developments around Greg Norman designed golf courses. He
is now providing general corporate advice to small/expanding
companies, and his advisory practice is also aimed at Board Directors
on the process of developing corporate governance and risk management.
In addition he is CEO of Binads, an advertising media company.

Again, let me know if there's anything more I can do for you.

ajbrain-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars
A tough question but you were able to give me more information that a
could found by my self.

Thanks for your help pafalafa!

Subject: Re: Searching for company in Australia
From: czh-ga on 27 Aug 2006 19:33 PDT
Hello ajbrain-ga,

I had spent a lot of time researching your question and came up with
the same sketchy information as pafalafa-ga. In addition, I also
gathered a lot of information about the background of the domain Unfortunately, I wasn?t able to find anything to connect
that company and its principals to the Binads & Meterads company you
were asking about . Consequently I concluded that I simply didn?t have
enough to justify posting an answer.

If you are interested in the related information please
post a question to my attention and I will be happy to give you the
information I?ve collected.

All the best.

~ czh ~
Subject: Re: Searching for company in Australia
From: ajbrain-ga on 29 Aug 2006 20:48 PDT
Hi czh,

I'm looking for information on binads but if is not related
to "binads & Meterads"... I think it's not interesting for me.

Thanks for your help.
Subject: Re: Searching for company in Australia
From: czh-ga on 29 Aug 2006 22:38 PDT
Hello ajbrain-ga,

The information I've collected seems to relate to the link
regarding the Bankstown reference you provided. I'm sure now that
you've clarified what you're looking for, may able colleague,
pafalafa-ga, will be able to get you the information you need.

All the best.

~ czh ~

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