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Q: Hair Treatment ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   0 Comments )
Subject: Hair Treatment
Category: Miscellaneous
Asked by: dentist1234-ga
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Posted: 05 Oct 2006 15:48 PDT
Expires: 04 Nov 2006 14:48 PST
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Hi, I have one specific question.  For people who are of african
descent but have straight, or wavy hair, what methods are there (or
products) for making hair curlier (not curling with heat/irons)?  In
paricular for short haircuts (<2 inches).  Can people with straight
hair have "waves"?  This may be familiar to some of you, where you
generally brush short hair a lot, after having added some kind of gel,
and sleep with a 'stocking cap'.  However, this cannot be done easily
with non 'kinky' hair.  Can you generate tight curls in straight hair
(short)?  Presumably there is
a chemical product.  ($20)
Subject: Re: Hair Treatment
Answered By: crabcakes-ga on 05 Oct 2006 20:15 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hello Dentist1234,

   It appears that there are few products available for permanent
waves; Wave Nouveau Coiffure, and a product called Zotos. However, it
appears that they are for professional stylists use only. You may
obtain hair care products, fro after a perm, but I can find no
directions for giving yourself a self perm. I actually recommend aving
a perm done professionally, so that it turns out correctly.

  The other type of wave is achieved with a Dry Wrap, also called a Doobie Wrap.

Doobie Wrap (Dry Wrap or Roller Wrap Set)
?To do the roller wrap set, also know as the doobie, you will need to
roller set your hair, dry it under a hooded dryer, take the rollers
out, then comb/brush your hair around in a wrap).  Leave it wrapped
for a while and when you comb it down, you will have big loose wavy
curls with lots of body.?

Sleek Wrap African (Afro) Hairstyle / Wrap Set Black (Afro) Hairstyle
Another great black African (Afro) hairstyle is the Sleek Wrap or Wrap
Set look!  For this African (Afro) hairstyle you will need a styling
comb; setting lotion; hair clips (these are only necessary when your
hair is longer.) and paper wrap strips.
Step 1:	Start by shampooing and conditioning your hair and then apply
some setting lotion.
Step 2:	Use a medium-tooth comb to comb/wrap your hair around in a
beehive style while blending your hair together around your entire
Step 3:	Secure, where your hair comes together, with hair clips. Or, place a
wrap strip around your head to secure hair in place.
Step 4:	Dry your hair under a hair dryer. Once dry: Remove clips or wrap strip and
comb and style your hair as desired.

Dry Wrap African (Afro) Hairstyle or Roller Wrap Set Black Hairstyle
(Doobie Wrap Black African Hairstyle)
To do these hairstyles (aka; the doobie) you'll need to roller set
your hair as demonstrated
in Straw Set African Hairstyle instructions above.
Step 1:	Start by shampooing and conditioning hair and then apply setting lotion.
Step 2:	Set your hair using desired smaller size rollers.
Step 3:	Dry hair completely using a hooded dryer.
Step 4:	Remove all rollers from your hair.
Step 5:	Comb or brush your hair into a wrap hairstyle.
Step 6:	Leave it wrapped for a while, and then after several minutes,
comb it downward into large lavish waves or curls.

?"Tips & Tricks for the Most Sought After Styles" Straw Set, Sleek
Wrap, Doobie (Dry) Wrap, Braids, Locs
Step 1: Shampoo and condition hair and saturate it with setting lotion.
Step 2: Part you hair into 1/4 to 1/2 inch sections and place end
papers on the end of your hair.
Step 3: Roll your hair onto the straws and secure it with a hair pin.
Step 4: Repeat steps 1-3 until you have finished your entire head. 
Step 5: Dry your hair under a hard hat or bonnet hair dryer 
Step 6: Remove the straws and separate curls with your fingers For
this style, you will only need to finger comb your hair, but be sure
to spray it with oil sheen so it won't get too dry

?It's all about healty hair. My recommendation is to pay someone to
put in the same type of curles you'd get with the curly perm until
your hair grows out at least to some degree of the relaxer. This way
you shouldn't lose any hair and it will remain beautiful and healthy.
I don't know how old you are but with age comes a lot of changes
including the hair. There are so many products on the market now that
will substitute for the actual chemicals which can do damage to your
hair. Caution in this area is a must.?

    What is a permanent wave? 
A permanent wave is a chemical process of putting a new permanent
curved shape into the hair. Because permanent waves are considered to
be a professional product, we recommend that you see a professional
stylist to ensure proper application. Ask your stylist about Wave
Nouveau Coiffure, a new permanent wave system.

What condition should my hair be in before getting a permanent wave? 
Before getting a permanent wave, you must have natural or virgin hair,
free of any relaxer or permanent wave chemicals

If my hair is natural and colored, can I get a permanent wave? 
Yes. As long as your hair is free of relaxer you can receive a
permanent wave. If there is relaxer on the ends of the hair, all
relaxed hair MUST be cut off before proceeding with the permanent
wave. After proper conditioning and analysis of healthy hair, you may
proceed with your permanent wave service.

Can I have a straight look with a permanent wave? 
Yes. We recommend that you wait 2 weeks after a permanent wave service
before wearing your hair straight. Ask your stylist about Wave Nouveau
Coiffure which allows you the versatility of straight and curly

How long can I wear a straight style with a permanent wave? 
2 weeks is the recommended time; a conditioning service should be
given prior to the styling service.

Can I blow-dry my hair with a permanent wave? 
NO. We never recommend blow-drying your permanent wave. We recommend
that you never subject your hair to that amount of tension, friction
or direct heat


Wave Nouveau Products

Care for your hair after a Wave Nouveau

Phase 2

Soft Sheen Carson Professional Wave Nouveau coiffure
Phase 3 Shape Lock 

Conditioning Neutralizer
Wave Nouveau coiffure Shape Lock is a conditioning formula that is
used to lock waves into the desired pattern, while providing sheen and
moisturization to permanent wave styles.

1. Place cotton strip around client's entire hairline and use a
neutralizing bib. Be sure to change cotton strip whenever it becomes
damp to thoroughly protect nape area.
2. Apply Wave Nouveau coiffure Shape Lock generously to each rod, top
and bottom, to assure complete and thorough saturation.
3. Allow Shape Lock to process for 10 minutes ONLY. DO NOT USE A HAIR DRYER.
4. Do not remove rods. Thoroughly rinse rods with tepid water and towel blot. 
5. Remove rods gently, rinse hair with tepid water and low water
pressure for 1-2 minutes, or until all residue is removed.
6. Towel blot and moisturize with desired WAVE NOUVEAU maintenance,
following directions carefully and advise client of proper daily
maintenance to prevent hair breakage.
7. Remind client NOT to shampoo hair for 48 hours. This may compromise
longevity of the result.

?Gone are the permed and trimmed hairstyles we used to see on campus.
Locs, cornrows, two-strand twists and other non-chemically treated
styles are gaining popularity at FAMU.
Ebony Custis, a junior business student from Bowie, Md., has recently
embarked on the natural hair scene, wearing twists, braids and Afros. 
"Your hair is supposed to be your glory, and I wanted it to be the way
my hair was naturally," said Custis, who has been wearing her hair in
natural styles for six months.?

Hair Forums

?Permanent Wave
Includes permanent wave, shampoo, conditioning, haircut, and styling.
($5.00 additional for long hair.) Wave Nouveau
Includes Wave Nouveau service, haircut and styling. (We cannot perform
this service on previously relaxed hair.)?


I know you have straight hair, but this might work!
Q: I have soft, curly African hair. How can I get waves in my hair?
A: One of the best ways to get wave in the hair comes from using one
of the oldest known styling techniques. The technique is called
      The hair is styled while damp, and is plied using a strong hold
styling gel. Using the fingers and a styling comb, the hair is
carefully arranged into a series of ridges and curves along the scalp.
Once the hair as been styled into the waves as desired, the hair is
      The dried waves can then be broken up and softened into a style
consisting of gentle waves. If you want more specific instruction on
styling the hair with finger-waving, check out our article on ?Styling
without Appliances?.

? In finger waves, you take wet hair, with styling product added
liberally, and you comb the hair into ridges and curves with your
fingers. Decide where you want to begin the waves and lay your middle
finger flat across the hair. Then, take your comb, press it against
the side of the finger, and in one-inch sections, drag the comb (teeth
straight down) sideways along the finger until a ridge forms. Without
lifting the comb, lay it flat against the scalp.
       Next, press your index finger down beside the middle finger and
gently press the ridge to hold it tight. Turn the comb teeth back to
vertical and comb the hair out and curved back in the opposite
direction. Shift your middle finger down so that you can continue
building the ridge as far as you want. You should end up with a ridge
of hair moving in one direction and a "c-shaped" wave in the opposite
       Next move down along the hair about one or two finger-widths
and start making another ridge in the same direction as the curve
above it. Build your 'waves" down as far as you want.
       When allowed to dry, finger waves can be combed out gently,
resulting in a soft wave pattern in the otherwise straight hair.?

Curls for African American Hair

Hair History

All about black hair

ZOTOS Perfect Comb Out Permanent Waving Lotion for Normal or Resistant
Hair 3.4oz/101ml

    I hope this has helped you out Many sites that I visitied while
researching this answer insinuated that curls are "out" nowm which
makes finding products even harder.

If anything is unclear, please request an Answer Clarification, and
allow me to respond, before you rate this answer.

Sincerely, Crabcakes

Search Terms

permanent wave + African American hair
curling African American hair
permanents + Black + hair
dentist1234-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars
Pretty Good!  I appreciate all the research.  It appears fingerwaves
are probably the best way to go for straight hair, without needing
appliances or professional stuff done.  Thanks a lot crabcakes!  (from

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