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Q: hair loss ( Answered 4 out of 5 stars,   0 Comments )
Subject: hair loss
Category: Health > Conditions and Diseases
Asked by: anonymous777-ga
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Posted: 30 Oct 2002 12:07 PST
Expires: 29 Nov 2002 12:07 PST
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what vitamins /oral pills can i take to stop hair loss or re grow more
hair???  what are proven documented things i can do to helpm with my
hair loss problem???

Request for Question Clarification by abigayle-ga on 30 Oct 2002 12:47 PST

I found some wonderful information that can be greatly useful to you
but to really answer your question throughly I need to know if your
male or female.


Clarification of Question by anonymous777-ga on 30 Oct 2002 12:49 PST
i am a white male ,21 who already uses rogaine 5% and proscar 5mg.
Subject: Re: hair loss
Answered By: umiat-ga on 30 Oct 2002 16:54 PST
Rated:4 out of 5 stars
Hello, anonymous777-ga!

   You seem very desperate to retain the hair you have and re-grow new
hair if possible. Before I go ahead and answer, I must say, I have
seen many attractive men with little hair, even at your young age. In
fact, when I was in college, one of the most handsome students I knew
had alopecia….and his personality was so great that I couldn’t keep my
eyes off him. With that said, and the famous saying that “Beauty (or
handsomeness) is in the eye of the beholder,” lets get on with the

  The first site I went to was “StopHairLossNow”, billed as “Europe’s
largest and most informative hair loss website” at . The site has a wealth of
information, with advice on choices including medical intervention,
nutritional supplements, natural products, specialty shampoos, hair
transplantation, and the final option… bald and proud! While I
cannot vouch for the success of any of the products or procedures
mentioned on the site, they are worth investigating. Though I have
first included the vitamin and herbal information that you requested
specifically, I also included some other remedies that you might be
interested in perusing!

  Please read about recommended nutritional supplements at
   “One doctor in a series of experiments prescribed Inositol together
with other sources of B vitamins to all his balding patients. In
almost all case's hair loss was arrested, in some case's hair growth
was noticeable in as little as one month. In one case hair recovery
was total and not one bald spot remained.”
   “Biotin often called vitamin H, is yet another B complex component.
Biotin is a proven hair growth vitamin and a preventative to excessive
hair loss. It appears to metabolise fatty acids. Fatty acids are a
valuable growth factor in numerous processes in the body including the
   “Severe zinc deficiency in humans has been shown to produce
baldness and scalp problems that were reversed when zinc was returned
to the diet.”
   “Protein is a basic ingredient in many hair shampoos and
conditioners and is also the major ingredient of hair itself, which is
at least ninety per cent protein. Whilst this should not necessarily
be the main ingredient in your diet, its importance should not be
  “In controlled tests volunteers, supplementing their diets with
protein in the form of 14g of gelatine daily, found it increased the
thickness of individual hair strands by as much as 45 per cent in only
two months.”
   “Choline supplements prescribed to balding patients produced
significant results to prove choline's worth in hair loss. Lecithin is
a very good source of choline, at it also supplies inositol, a B
complex vitamin with a particular affinity with choline, these two
vitamins work together well.”
  Cider Vinegar:
   “Hair loss can sometimes be a result of poor metabolism. Many case
histories show that as a result of a few teaspoonfuls of cider vinegar
each day for several months, hair loss has stopped and the remaining
hair has grown healthier and thicker. One reason for thinning hair is
a deficiency of minerals salts, so it is easy to understand why
mineral-rich cider vinegar can help.”
  The ingredients for a “Seven Wonders Hair Food Supplement” and a
Vitamin-Mineral Hair Loss Supplement are also included on the site.

 The website “HairlossTalk” has some good information on treatment
options. They pride themselves on being without corporate backing, and
providing “good, clean, scientific evidence” about products “backed by
clinical evidence.
 Results of a preliminary clinical trial of a supplement called
NuHair, a “two-component herbal supplement designed to reduce hair
loss and promote healthy hair” are summarized in the article “Natural
Treatment Performs in Studies” at
 The trial, which was performed only on women, was conducted for the
Biotech Corporation. Whether this product would be suitable for men
can be answered by contacting the company.
  The website also has a good 4-part article on Hair loss and picking
the right treatment option at  Part 4 discusses
the “only legitimate treatments on the market today” for treating male
pattern baldness
Homosan Natural Hair Growth Enhancer:
 Homosan is a keratin formulation manufactured by Sanfarm
Pharmaceuticals in Switzerland.
 “Hair is made up of the protein keratin, which contains a high
concentration of certain amino acids. These amino acids are different
from those that are predominant in muscles, bones, or other parts of
the human body. If the scalp hair is weak or thin, or if there is
partial or complete hair loss, this is a result of nothing more than a
shortage of the basic amino acid "building blocks" our bodies need to
produce normal hair growth. Obviously, if these essential amino acids
are deficient, our hair becomes weak, falls out, and fails to
regenerate normally. Just as our bones become more brittle without
adequate calcium supplementation in our diets, our hair becomes weaker
and thinner without keratin supplementation to the hair follicles.

Fabao Hair Formulas: (not to be confused with that “I can’t believe
it’s not butter" model, Fabio!)
  Fabao lotions were invented by Dr. Zhang-guang Zhao, who has won
seven international awards for his development of products to treat
thinning hair.
 “They all contain precisely optimized mixture of active compounds
extracted from medicinal plants. In order to maximize the efficacy,
these compounds are isolated using proprietary technologies such that
their native molecular structures remain intact. While many other
companies have tried to formulate their products based on our data
published in medical journals, because of the delicate nature of
active ingredients and lack of know-how, they have been unsuccessful
at reproducing our results.”

 Cato is a hair loss product based on a combination of natural
supplements that is offered by the Cloverleaf Health Ltd. Their
formulas are described as having “proven results, clinical trials, no
side effects, and are approved by doctors and scientists within each
therapeutic area.”
 “Cato is a new, hair loss treatment approved by Doctors across the
globe. Scientific studies and clinical experience show that a number
of herbs, botanicals, and nutrients can inhibit DHT, the testosterone
derivative that shrinks and ultimately kills hair follicles in people
with the gene for male pattern baldness. We have developed an
exclusive blend of ingredients that has proven results in helping you
prevent hair degradation and revitalising the dead hair follicles
allowing lost hair to grow back.”

The Hair Support company offers a formulation of Hair Vitamins which
are purported to decrease hair loss. Information about the product can
be found at

 The following suggestions are other remedies I have found in my
research which may or may not be of interest to you!
Natural Remedies: (I can vouch for none of these!)
  “In 1995, Dr. Marcovici began research into the highly interesting
metabolic activities he observed within certain naturally derived
botanical substances. One of these was derived from a certain kind of
palm tree; another came from a type of grass. Still others came from
grape seeds and green tea. Each of these substances had shown
compellingly objective evidence as inhibitors of the very metabolism
shown to precipitate pattern hair loss. However, Dr. Marcovici
realized that no one had managed to successfully combine them in such
a way as to constitute a safe and effective treatment regimen that
could be proven under stringent controlled research.”
  “As Dr. Marcovici refined formulation after formulation, it remained
his core hypothesis that the endpoint effort could become a
meaningful, and perhaps even more effective, alternative to standard
pharmaceutical hair loss treatment options. This finding led to
several years of formal research - culminating in a Ph.D. dissertation
as well as the basis for the latest and most powerful hair loss
treatment regimen yet devised.”
 Clinical trial excerpts:

 “The Patent Pending Revivogen™ Formula is a revolutionary,
all-natural solution in the fight against hair loss. Unlike its
competitors, Revivogen™ is based on the latest medical breakthroughs
into the cause and treatment of hair loss and is made with natural
ingredients that have been scientifically proven to reduce DHT
production, block the androgen receptors and stimulate hair growth.”
 (Be aware….there is no concrete information about how and where this
trial was performed!)

Nisim Shampoo: 
 “Guaranteed” to “reduce excessive hair loss within one week.”  (Be
wary of those types of statements!)
 Refund Guarantee:
 Clinical Study:

Accessory products:
 Personal Laser Comb: 
 Refer to the website for descriptions, links to questions and
studies. Again, although there have been “studies” conducted, the lack
of concrete journal results lends some degree of skepticism.

 It may be worthwhile to examine exactly what type of hair loss
condition you have, so that you can be more direct in your choices of
treatment. There is an excellent article on the various types of hair
loss patterns at
 There are many other, non-conventional treatments discussed on the
website that you can peruse at . These include:
  Electric pulse treatments, infrared light waves, ultraviolet light,
steamer treatment, high-frequency, laser treatment, scalp massagers,
special shampoos and tonics, and lastly…..but written about
seriously….standing on your head!!!!! (If you choose this last option,
you are a true innovator!)

 If you want to still consider drug treatment, the following
information may be helpful.
   Considered a “medical breakthrough” and the most well-know hair
loss therapy, it is supposed
to reverse (or at least stop) the progression of baldness. “Clinical
trials prove that Propecia stopped  hair loss in over 80% of cases and
regrowth was noticed in over 64% - An excellent success rate, unbeaten
by any other treatment.” Note this product is for men only.
See more details at

  Minoxidal (also known as Rogaine) – which you currently take!
   This drug is notably not as successful in helping to re-grow new
hair. “….minoxidil still helps a lot of people slow down the rate of
hair loss, although the success in regrowth of hair is limited.”
Note that the product is to be used on the top of the scalp only….not
for frontal baldness or  receeding hairlines. Also, time is needed to
see if the product will work successfully.
  “You may need to use Rogaine twice daily for at least 4 months
before you see results. Continued use for up to 12 months may be
needed to see your best results.”
  “Continued use twice daily is necessary to increase and keep your
hair regrowth or hair loss will begin again. If you do not see hair
regrowth in 12 months, stop using and see your doctor.”
For links to clinical trial results and FAQ’s, go to

 A long list of hair care products for hair loss can be found at 
Not all of these products are natural or vitamin-based, but they may
be worth sorting through to see if they are of interest to you.

 To sum up advice about vitamin and herbal remedies, read “Topical
Solutions For Alopecia,
Part 3.” Ultra-V (3/2002) at 

 Most good health food stores also have vitamin-mineral
supplementations for hair health, though possibly not specifically for
hair loss.

 I hope you have found some helpful resources in the above
information. Again, for those products with no clinical backing, be
aware that they may not be of much help. Others, though, like the
Fabao and Cato formulations, seem based on reputable studies.

 If you need more information, please let me know!


Google Search
products to stop hair loss 
herbs vitamins for hair loss
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