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Q: USA Citizen Living in Sweden Wants to Work in Other EU Countries: What's Needed? ( Answered,   1 Comment )
Subject: USA Citizen Living in Sweden Wants to Work in Other EU Countries: What's Needed?
Category: Relationships and Society > Law
Asked by: virus_removal_help-ga
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Posted: 13 Jul 2006 11:29 PDT
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I have been living in Sweden with my Swedish fiancée since January
2006.  Our wedding date is in August.  After we are married I need to
find a job, hopefully in the UK, Netherlands, Luxembourg or one of the
other EU countries.

Before I came to Sweden I applied for and received a "permanent
residence permit."  I place "permanent residence permit" in quotes
because I think it might have to be renewed every three years even
though it says permanent (something I read on a website but not sure
if accurate).

I am quite certain that I can work in Sweden with this residence
permit, but I am not sure about the other EU countries (I know it may
depend country by country).

So, assuming that I have the "permanent residence permit" that I say I
have and with me holding you harmless and releasing you from any
liability from a wrong or incomplete answer, the questions is:

If you need or want to pick one country as an example, please use the
Netherlands since I have a job lead there right now.  Other primary
countries of interest are  UK and Luxembourg.

(please provide links / references to sources):

1) Can I work in Sweden with my Swedish residence permit or do I need
a separate work permit?

2) Can I work in any other EU countries with my Swedish residence
permit or do I need a separate work permit(s)?  Which ones, if any,
can I work in with my existing residence permit?

3) If I need additional permits, where and how do I get them?  Just a
single one for EU or need for each additional country?

4) Can I apply for and get the work permit(s) before I get a job or do
I need a job offer to get the permit?  This is a chicken and egg
thing, as it might be hard to get a work permit without a job offer
and hard to get a job offer without a permit.

5) Understanding my citizenship, residency, existing permit, and
desire to work in the Netherlands or another EU country, are you aware
of any additional info I should be asking about?  Like my favorite war
criminal, Donald Rumsfeld, says,

As we know, 
There are known knowns. 
There are things we know we know. 
We also know 
There are known unknowns. 
That is to say 
We know there are some things 
We do not know. 
But there are also unknown unknowns, 
The ones we don't know 
We don't know.

Final note: I know this is more like a $100 question (or even more?)
but I am unemployed, hoping to remedy the situation.  Thank you in
advance for any assistance you can offer.
Subject: Re: USA Citizen Living in Sweden Wants to Work in Other EU Countries: What's Needed?
Answered By: hedgie-ga on 14 Jul 2006 00:17 PDT
Congratulations (to upcoming marriage and good news)

 Good news are (generally stated) that permanent residents of a EU
country and fiances of EU citizens
 are treated as EU citizens - that is will.

 Devil is in the details: you may eligible both ways (as a fiance, and
a resident or EU country) but if you
 change status (marry) your visa based on former status become invalid
instantly, and new visa may have
 unpleasant requirements (like applyimg from the outside)

Here an example such 'catch-ya-s' for UK, :

"Fiancé/e of an UK Citizen, permanent resident or EU Citizen

The requirements for immigration to UK as a Fiancé/e?s are very
similar to the rules for married couples. You may wish to consider
very carefully whether it is best to marry first and then apply for
entry as this will avoid the necessity of making a fiance/e
application and then a second application to remain as a spouse.
However, please note that it is no longer possible for most visitors
to change status to a spouse visa. The basic requirements for
immigration to UK are as follows.."

Specific countries


In mid June,[ 2003] the EU ministers of Justice and Home Affairs
decided in Luxembourg that a non-EU citizen who legally resides in one
of the 15 EU states for a minimum of five years, shall be eligible for
a (local) permanent residence permit.

For this, the non-EU person will have to prove that (s)he has
sufficient financials means, has adequate health insurance, and has
successfully passed an integration course.

And here is the real good news: the permanent residence permit
entitles the holder to move to another EU country following a
(relatively easy) standard procedure. In both EU countries, the holder
of the permanent residence permit will enjoy approximately the same
rights as regular EU citizens.


Can my (EU citizen's) family work in the United Kingdom? 

Yes, your family can work in the United Kingdom and they do not need a work permit.

Official (all-EU) and otherwise unreadable regulations
thre are four groups and three phases * 6  (giving only 48 cases)
 - and improvement over 25*12  pairs of 25 countries *6  cases for 6
types of people;
6 are possible answers to three questions: Are you [ 1)resident of 
2)fiance of  3) spouse of ] a EU citizen)
"EU-25 Member States" means all Member States forming part of the EU
after 1 May 2004
"EU-15 Member States" means all Member States forming part of the EU
before 1 May 2004.
"EU-10 Member States" means all States that joined the EU on 1 May 2004.
"EU-8 Member States" means all EU-10 Member States except for Malta and Cyprus.

First phase

The first phase of the transitional arrangements started on 1 May 2004
and ended on 30 April 2006.

Second phase  2006 - 2009


None of the EU-8 Member States have thus far resorted to the safeguard
procedure, which would mean that EC law on free moment of workers
continues to apply among the EU-8 Member States.

 So, in practical terms, you can start looking for a job, and select
date of mariage
 so that it will not interfere with whatever specific situation  yoe will be in.

  I will give you $60 credit for the poetry, and feel free to ask for

Subject: Re: USA Citizen Living in Sweden Wants to Work in Other EU Countries: What's Nee
From: myoarin-ga on 13 Jul 2006 16:19 PDT
This is just a free comment and not an "answer" to your question,
which only an official G-A Researcher can post, one with a blue name.

The situation may have changed since these two questions were posted here:

The following is the "horse's mouth" on the subject:

And this is a site of "The American Immigration Lawyer in the Netherlands"
with a contact address:

I am no expert, but it seems to me that unless your wife will also be
working in the Netherlands, your marriage to her and your work permit
in Sweden will be of no significance.  In any case, you will need a
work permit, which always requires an employer's request.

Here is an unofficial site that allows you to click on various
countries.  The quality of depth of the information may very  - I
didn't check:

I hope someone can provide more detailed information to you.

Good Luck!

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