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Q: Fairy Tale, Nursery Rhyme and Children's Fables - Good v Evil ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   1 Comment )
Subject: Fairy Tale, Nursery Rhyme and Children's Fables - Good v Evil
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Asked by: dtnl42-ga
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Posted: 01 Oct 2004 22:39 PDT
Expires: 31 Oct 2004 21:39 PST
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Who are the most well known evil characters from trdaitional
children's stories (Hans christian, Brothers Grimm, Fairy Stories and
Nursery Rhymes etc.) - and who are their opposites as forces of good
and innocence e.g. The Wicked Queen and Snow White, Captain Hook and
Peter Pan. I'm looking for a straight listing by evil and good, and a
scource for each about the character themselves and the stories they
are from.

Request for Question Clarification by pafalafa-ga on 21 Oct 2004 05:32 PDT
>>...a scource for each about the character themselves and the stories they
are from...<<

Can you please clarify this last part of your question?

What do you mean by a "source for each"?  Do you just want to know the
name of the story the character comes from?

Since you've already used Peter Pan and Capt Hook as examples, perhaps
you could further show us how you would like them to appear in an
answer, including information about "the source" and the stories they
are from.

It would help a lot in getting you exactly the answer you're looking for.



Clarification of Question by dtnl42-ga on 21 Oct 2004 07:19 PDT
I need a straight list of characters who represent opposites - good
and evil - starting with the most good and most evil, and the stories
they are from, and who the stories are by.

Hope that helps
Subject: Re: Fairy Tale, Nursery Rhyme and Children's Fables - Good v Evil
Answered By: pafalafa-ga on 22 Oct 2004 09:42 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hello dtnl42-ga,

Well, this has been fun.  And actually, more of a challenge than I
first anticipated.

You may want to have a look at an earlier question that I answered, as
it lists a great many fairy tales that might be of interest to you,
even though they don't all have a clear cut "good vs evil" type of

As for the good vs evil tales, I've listed these below...there were
actually fewer than I thought there would be, as many of the classic
tales aren't divided up along straightforward good vs evil lines (for
instance, Pinnochio isn't particularly "good", nor does he face a
clear-cut arch-nemesis who is out-and-out evil).

Before rating this answer, please let me know if you would like any
additional information on the stories listed here, or on anything not
listed.  Just post a Request for Clarification, and I'll be happy to
assist you further.

All the best...



Classic "good vs evil" fairy tales and popular stories:

Peter Pan/Captain Hook 
Peter Pan, by J.M Barrie

Cinderella/Wicked Step-Mother
Many versions exist, but a traditional favorite is:
Cinderella, by Charles Perrault

Snow White/Evil Queen
Brothers Grimm

Robin Hood/Sheriff of Nottingham
traditional, but the most popular source is:  The Merry Adventures of
Robin Hood, by Howard Pyle

Dorothy/Wicked Witch of the West
Wizard of Oz, by L Frank Baum

Sleeping Beauty/"Wise Woman"
Brothers Grimm (in the traditional story, it is a spurned "wise woman"
who casts the spell on Sleeping Beauty")

Sherlock Holmes/Professor Moriarty
Numerous stories by Arthur Conan Doyle, especially "The Final Problem"

King Arthur/Morgan le Fay
Traditional, but the most popular account is Le Morte d'Arthur, by Thomas Malory

Ivanhoe/Prince John (and assorted other evil-doers)
Ivanhoe, by Sir Walter Scott

Oliver Twist/Bill Sikes
Oliver Twist, by Charles Dickens

Tiny Tim/Scrooge [Scrooge isn't quite 'evil', but I thought I'd
include this just the same]
A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens

Jim Hawkins/Long John Silver
Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevenson

Mowgli/Shere Khan
The Jungle Book, by Rudyard Kipling

Little Red Riding Hood/Wolf
Brothers Grimm

Three Little Pigs/Big Bad Wolf
Traditional, but generally credited to the Brothers Grimm, and their
story of "The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids"

Dr. Jekyll/Mr Hyde
The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, by Robert Louis Stevenson

The Last of the Mohicans, by James Fenimore Cooper

Uncle Tom/Simon Legree
Uncle Tom's Cabin, by Harriet Beecher Stowe

D'Artagnan/Cardinal Richelieu
The Three Musketeers, by Andre Dumas

William Tell/Gessler, the Sherriff of Hapsburg
traditional Swiss folktale

The Odyssey, by Homer

Hansel & Gretel/Wicked Witch
Brothers Grimm

Jack and the Beanstalk/Evil Giant
traditional, but generally credited to: "Enchantment demonstrated in
the Story of Jack Spriggins and the Enchanted Bean." published in
England in 1743


From the Bible we have:


Adam and Eve/Snake




and a few of more recent vintage that seem on their way to attaining
fairy tale/classic status:

Luke Skywalker/Darth Vader
Obi Wan Kenobi/Darth Maul
from the "Star Wars" movies, by George Lucas

Lord of the Rings, by J.R.R. Tolkien

Harry Potter/Lord Voldemort
The Harry Potter series, by J.K. Rowling

Superman/Lex Luthor
DC Comics

DC Comics

Spiderman/Green Goblin
Marvel Comics


Again, please let me know if you need any additional information.


search strategy:   searched my own bookshelves, and memories, along
with Google searches on:

fairy tales
Brothers Grimm
classic stories
plot summaries
dtnl42-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars

Subject: Re: Fairy Tale, Nursery Rhyme and Children's Fables - Good v Evil
From: pafalafa-ga on 22 Oct 2004 13:42 PDT
Thank you very kindly.  You're obviously not an evil sheriff/witch/giant.


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