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Q: Scalp sores, like pimples on your head, are symptoms of what? ( No Answer,   20 Comments )
Subject: Scalp sores, like pimples on your head, are symptoms of what?
Category: Health > Conditions and Diseases
Asked by: calguy-ga
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Posted: 24 Sep 2005 18:22 PDT
Expires: 24 Oct 2005 18:22 PDT
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Continuing a topic that I think needs to be kept going....
Scalp Sores that start out like pimples on your head are symptoms of
what? (causes itching, redness, hair loss & thinning)

I saw this asked in another clsoed question and was so relieved to
know I was not alone.  I'm 31 and have lived with this since I was
about 16 or 17.  It was nothing at first and I figued it would go
away, but in the last few years it has been the worst.  I will get
small red "pimples" that can turn into sores if I scratch them - and
let me tell you they do itch alot!  I went to a docotr one time and he
said it was oil related, but wasn't sure.  Told me to use vaseline on
my head.  All that did was make a mess and make it more oily. I
stopped that and used "Sea Breeze" facial cleaner that seemed to dry
them up somewhat.  This was a while back, and like I said it's goten
worse.  My hair is much thinnner and tends to fall out more during
showers and comboing.  I have been stressed lately and think that is
not helping the situation.  It's really embarassing.  My hair is kind
along now because if I cut it I would be bald and patchy... I just
keep a hat on to keeo curious looks away.  I have not been able to
find much information on this and hope there are others who have
overcome this with a proven remedy.  If anyone has information, please
post it.

Good luck to all with this as I know how it feels!
There is no answer at this time.

Subject: Re: Scalp sores, like pimples on your head, are symptoms of what?
From: baz2121-ga on 25 Sep 2005 03:55 PDT
Hi calguy-ga,

This type of condition will attract a million and one diagnoses, and
most will have a common dermatological thread. The most common
conditions which cause the symptoms you described include:

-dermatitis/rash (either due to contact-allergies or drug-related)

There is a way to find out which of these it is by consulting your
doctor for a few simple tests. I'm surprised your doc only gave you
vaseline without testing or investigating. It seems to be most likely
eczema if you've had it for so many years and no other symptom has
popped up. There are topical creams available to help sooth the
scratching and some creams can help bring the sores down.

Of course, if the hairloss is a result of the sores and has been
heppening since it started and not just recently, it could be
something different either related to a hormone imbalance or other
scarier diseases.

Instead of your regular GP, go and see a dermatologist or an
endocronologist or both. They'll be able to give you a much clearer
picture as they are specialists and experience this kind of stuff all
the time.

Baz :)
Subject: Re: Scalp sores, like pimples on your head, are symptoms of what?
From: owain-ga on 25 Sep 2005 06:23 PDT
I am not a doctor; this is not medical advice.

If the problem is related to excessive sebum cutting the hair short
(really short, ie clipper cut) to expose the skin may help the skin to
dry. Tea tree oil based shampoo might also be helpful. A pharmacist
may be able to advise if you do not want to wait for a consultant
Subject: Re: Scalp sores, like pimples on your head, are symptoms of what?
From: nessie02-ga on 08 Oct 2005 18:11 PDT
I have exactly what you've described and I've gotten various
diagnoses.  Most say its either eczema or dermatitis.  Certain
products tend to agrivate it.  The only solution I've found (which
works for me, but very well may not for you) is head and shoulders. 
Not sure why of course.  I started out using their conditioner when
they came out.  Now that they have a few new shampoo lines (which work
really well with my oily hair) I use them.  I've seen a lot of mds
about it and never really got a lot of help, but it may not hurt to
give head and shoulders a try.
Subject: Re: Scalp sores, like pimples on your head, are symptoms of what?
From: tonguengroove-ga on 10 Oct 2005 09:47 PDT
I found the cure for this condition! I had this condition for 9 years
and tried all the prescribed medications and treatments. Nothing
worked. I started working on eliminating different foods and drinks
and discovered my cure. I've eliminated all dairy products and I've
had spectacular results! I hope everyone will try it let us know if
it's a universal fix.
Good Luck!!
Subject: Re: Scalp sores, like pimples on your head, are symptoms of what?
From: mrsoul-ga on 04 Nov 2005 09:48 PST
Calguy- Thanks for continuing this thread.  

I am a 33 year old male and have been suffering (on and off) from a
similar condition for about 5 years.

A dermatologist diagnosed it as a form of acne (I don't remember the
clinical term).  After trying some mild anti-biotics and topical
creams that did not really help, he put me on Accutain - a very potent
acne medication with many side affects.  This drug did clear the
condition up completely for a while.  The doc. tried to taper off the
drug slowly and the results were still good.  Once I was off
completely for a few months the condition returned as bad as ever and
that's where I am today. I am not willing to go back on medication for
this, the side effects were too much and who knows the long term

I will try getting off dairy to see if that helps, but I currently
shave my hair as short as possible (in an attempt to avoid the patchy
look), and this has not made the condition any better.  I do find that
tea tree oil helps ease the pain and itchyness, but it is certainly
not a cure.  I am considering seeing a naturopath, since no one has
had any luck with traditional medicine.  I will let everyone know how
that goes.

Keep the posts coming until we can figure this thing out.  Good luck.
Subject: Re: Scalp sores, like pimples on your head, are symptoms of what?
From: hairless-ga on 22 Nov 2005 17:08 PST
Has anyone tried apple cidar vinegar?  It is suggested to be used to
treat scalp fungus.  I have had these sores for as long as I can
remember, but have not yet religiously applied apple cidar vinegar on
a daily basis.  I guess I'll start and report back.
Subject: Re: Scalp sores, like pimples on your head, are symptoms of what?
From: jetjfk-ga on 28 Dec 2005 07:51 PST
I have the same problem for some time.
I read the previous "closed question" you spoke of and like yrself,
was relieved I was not alone.
That same "closed question" mentioned alot of different things that
supposedly work.
So I made a list and tried things out 1 by 1.
1 guy mentioned cutting out bread and sweets.
This worked for me Big Time.
Problem is I love bread (pizza, italian, etc.) and I love chocolate.
But one can't have everything.
Its no cure, but try it.
Completely go off bread and sweets for 2 weeks.
Let me know if it works out.
Subject: Re: Scalp sores, like pimples on your head, are symptoms of what?
From: wadejcc-ga on 31 Dec 2005 22:37 PST
Please keep this thread open.  In one way, I'm glad I've found other
people who have this condition, because I thought I was unique.  From
reading all three threads on this subject, it seems the main thing we
have in common is the condition, not the lifestyle, age or sex is
consistent.  I've had this off and on for about 5 years, but it's
getting bad right now.  I went to a doc-in-the-box about 3 years ago,
and he prescribed an antibiotic that cleared it up, but not too many
months later it came back and gets better and worse periodicially.
Mainly I get it on the back and sides of my head but the past couple
of weeks, I've had break outs just outside my scalp.  I'm getting
worried about it and I'm going to go to a dermatologists even though
most of you have said they are no help.  I'll try the iron supplements
and do my best to keep my hands off.  BTW, I don't think the dairly
products thing or breads is a cause, at least for me, since I don't
consume any dairy except cheese occasionally, and  eat very little
bread.  If I find anything that really works, I'll post back here. 
Subject: Re: Scalp sores, like pimples on your head, are symptoms of what?
From: wadejcc-ga on 31 Dec 2005 23:03 PST
One other thing....Has anyone tried Follicleanse shampoo?  I found
this product while searching for answers to the condition.
Subject: Re: Scalp sores, like pimples on your head, are symptoms of what?
From: jetjfk-ga on 08 Jan 2006 12:12 PST
Hello all,
Researhing this topic, I've found 3 google blogs 
dealing with this problem:




I think its caused by diffent things for different people.
Lots of bread and sweets seemed to the main cause of it for me.
Lots of water and working out regularly seemed to help alot also.

Anyway, someone mentioned something that I thing applied to me:

...dermatitis  herpetiformis (google
it to read more).  It is quite often overlooked or misdiagnosed as
eczema  (or some generic rash) and is related to celiac disease
(inability to digest wheat protein)...

I think almost everything that comes out (on the body) is from what you
put in (eat).  With that I can only suggest you make a log
of everything you eat, no matter how small.  Everyone I read about
seems to have had windows of off and on, or bad and not so bad.
Find what was common on those days.
If possible, take a few days away, so u have completely diff diet.
See if your condition changes.

Wow, who knew they'd be so many people.
see ya everyone.
Subject: Re: Scalp sores, like pimples on your head, are symptoms of what?
From: geo_l_1952-ga on 19 Feb 2006 11:26 PST
I am not sure what you may have, but I had a scratchy scalp and sores,
tender spots on my head that when looked at appeared as a red area
around a raised yellow looking pimple at the center of the sore. When
broken they would mildly bleed. What I had was called folliculitis; an
infection of the hair follicle. This infection typically appears on
the scalp, thighs and buttocks. Anyway, three different doctors had me
on anti-biotics and none of them helped; then, while staying at a
Resort and discovering I had no shampoo with me, I decided to just
wash my hair with the soap in the room. It was Dial Antibacterial
Soap; Not plain Dial soap but the bar that states it is Antibacterial.
I used it and my head felt better immediately and after using it for a
couple of weeks I lost all my sores and all the itchyness. I hope this
works for you. By the way. While I was using the soap, I did not
follow it up with a conditioner. I am not sure if adding a conditioner
would interfer with the Antibacterial action I was getting from just
using the soap. If it works for you, please share this information
with others as I spent hundreds of dollars with Doctors and drugs with
no success. and I would not want others to do the same. Good luck to
you. George
Subject: Scalp sores, like pimples on your head, are symptoms of what?
From: pokie1234-ga on 25 Feb 2006 17:56 PST
My dermatologist told me mine was anxiety.  Same symptoms little
pimples and they itch and if I scratch they bleed.
None of the anxiety medicines have cured it, but they say it is not
curable jut manageable. Especially unless you can get everything out
of your life that causes your anxiety.  Sad to say you cannot get rid
of husbands family members etc. that flare up you breakouts.  But also
some foods can cause it.  It is a combination of the stress factor and
the food you may eat while you have anxiety.  It is something you have
to work on every day of your life.  I hope my doctors can find a cure.
 They did just find out I have lupus, I have COPD, and arthritis, but
these all add to stress and anxiety.  Good luck to every body.
Subject: Re: Scalp sores, like pimples on your head, are symptoms of what?
From: ires-ga on 13 Mar 2006 07:57 PST
Check out this site or if it isn't clickable: search for "scalp
Subject: Re: Scalp sores, like pimples on your head, are symptoms of what?
From: proudgrandma3-ga on 16 May 2006 15:16 PDT
I have had this condition for years and they always come when you are
very stressed.  I also have used Flyocinonide Gel  usp .05% prescribed
by my doctor.  I told him I used it before and works and he gave me
the prescription. It does not matter if you wash your head once a day
or three or four.  They are caused from stress.  REDUCE your stress
and they go away.  Keep from scratching, it definitely makes sores
more painful when scratched.
Subject: Re: Scalp sores, like pimples on your head, are symptoms of what?
From: deaniedarling-ga on 11 Jun 2006 06:02 PDT
hi everyone,
I think I might have the same problem. Sores on my head, worse for the
past few days since I am stressed at the moment, but they ease off
(almost completely) when all is well. I'm terrable about seeking
medical advice and have done nothing about it except looking for info
now. If we do all have the same problem, how bad can it get?
Subject: Re: Scalp sores, like pimples on your head, are symptoms of what?
From: passionforsnapdragns-ga on 06 Jul 2006 21:32 PDT
I too have suffered with this condition for years.  I finally found a
dermatologist who had an answer for me...not just a guess.  She said
this is caused by an overgrowth of yeast bacteria.  My GP agrees. 
Yeast is present on and in our bodies in small amounts.  It is normal.
 Sometimes conditions become favorable for this to begin to flourish
(ie. ruin my skin and scalp!)  My dermatologist recommeded using a
dandruff shampoo for my hair and as a face wash for the hairline area
where I sometimes get the pimples too.  This works!  I use Head and
Shoulders shampoo.  According to my dermotologist and GP, a couple of
the other commentors are also correct.  They both said that sugar,
carbohydrates, dairy, and chocolate contribute to this overgrowth. 
People with Celiac disease are especially susceptible to this
outbreak.  Humid heat encourages this yeast bacteria to go into
over-drive.  I live in an area where sticky, humid summers are par for
the course.  I try to keep my scalp and face cool, dry, and clean. 
When I have longer/thicker hair my condition is worse.  Dietary
changes have resulted in even more improvement.  My thinning is
slowing down and I feel better too.  Good luck, calguy!
Subject: Re: Scalp sores, like pimples on your head, are symptoms of what?
From: mynicknameisdan-ga on 15 Jul 2006 17:41 PDT
I have a similar problem - folliculitis all over my body.  Just
contracted it 8 months ago.
I've been to 4 different dermatologists. They did much more harm than
good with topical steroids, drying agents, and anti-biotics, oral
anti-biotics, anti-histamines, anti-yeast, etc...
After 6 months with no relief, I discoverd that eliminating all
starches from my diet eliminates the itching and drastically reduces
the zits - can't hardly notice them.
I always thought the Atkins diet was dumb, but I have been forced into
it.  I eat some meat for protein, but mostly nuts, yogurt and tofu.
Anyway it's a good trade - no more pasta/rice in exchange for no itching.
Subject: Re: Scalp sores, like pimples on your head, are symptoms of what?
From: bkeene12-ga on 25 Aug 2006 06:37 PDT
I think the fellow that used the Dial Anti Bacterial soap might be on
to something.  I took his advice and tried it out.  Three days have
past since I started.  This is working.  I have noticed a marked
difference in the way my scalp feels.  I have not noticed any side
effects.  Before this I was using the T-Gel maximum strength with
mixed results.
Subject: Re: Scalp sores, like pimples on your head, are symptoms of what?
From: captn762wife-ga on 04 Sep 2006 10:36 PDT
Hi.  I have had the same problem since I was a teenager.  I am now 29
and as in most of the other comments listed it has gotten worse in the
past couple of years.  I do have to say that I am a firm believer that
stress has a lot to do with it.  Last August we lost everything due to
Hurricane Katrina.  During that time and up until the past couple of
months my scalp had been worse than ever and I was loosing handfuls of
hair daily when washing my hair.  I asked my OB about it and she told
me that the hair loss was due to recently having a child and you tend
to have a tremendous hair loss after having a child because you do not
loose your hair while you are pregnant.  I took it for that for some
time and then realized that the sores were also worse.  Since we have
been able to get back into our house and get things back to normal
they have seem to gotten better.  I asked everyone what I could do to
get rid of them.  I took it upon myself to try some of the medicated
shampoos out there and found one that REALLY REALLY works.  Neutrogena
T/Gel Daily Control 2 in 1.   I will swear by this product.  I had
tried others to see of they help and they did not.  I started using it
again and my head got 100% better.  I it safe enough for everyday use
and also safe for us women that color our hair. I use it everyday when
I have a break out but after it starts to clear up I just use it once
or twice a week before I wash with my normal shampoo.
I also wanted to say that I am also relieve that I am not the only one
going through this.  It is very imbarressing to get your hair cut or
colored and have these yucky bumps on your head.  Hope I have helped
Subject: Re: Scalp sores, like pimples on your head, are symptoms of what?
From: mataroo-ga on 06 Sep 2006 17:24 PDT
I've had the same problem for 10 years or more, exactly how everyone
describes it.  Mostly on the back of my head is where they start.   I
had tried tens of different shampoos to no avail.  I went to my doctor
and mentioned the problem, and at first he thought it was some type of
infected follicle.   After I told him that my mom had been prescribed
a certain medicine for something similar, he prescribed me a steriod.

DIPROLINE (augmented betamethasone dipropionate) is the name of the
lotion he prescribed.   Any time I start to feel the bumps show up, I
rub a bit of it in and they disappear within a day.   Even with a
large spot, it only took a few days before they were gone.   I REALLY
recommend anyone that's having this problem, try it.  It worked
wonders for me, and the idea that it worked eased my nerves as well. 
It was especially bad because I have buzzed hair, and it was very

Let me know if it works out for you!

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